Our parents, Dr. Joe and Joan Durst, provided a loving home for our sister Barb from the day she was born in 1964, back when many people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities were still institutionalized. Over the years they, along with other parents of children with disabilities, explored many options as they tried to plan where Barb would live after they were no longer able to have her live with them. Our mom passed away in 2006 and our dad continued to hope, work, and pray that a solution could be found. It was important to all of us that Barb continue to live in her hometown, surrounded by familiar friends, supports, and activities.


The Dwelling Place was built in 2012. This adult family home, owned by Bridges of Belonging, Inc. and operated by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of La Crosse, is an amazing place and the answer to our parents’ prayers! It became “home” for Barb from the day she moved in, thanks to the preparation by our family and the staff. We are so grateful for the atmosphere of compassion, affection, respect, and fun that has been created by the caring and competent staff. Barb’s housemates and the staff are as much a family to Barb as our own family. We feel confident that The Dwelling Place will provide a safe and caring environment for Barb for many, many years to come.


Meg (Durst) Storkamp and Kathi (Durst) Hansen

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